Silvia Mah, PhD

Motivated, goal-oriented, enthusiastic
international entrepreneur and investor.

Dr. Silvia Mah, PhD, MBA, is a founding partner of Ad Astra Ventures, that aims to “get to even” for high achieving women.

Dr. Mah is most recently, the new Director of the Center for Peace & Commerce at the University of San Diego, to focus on accelerating social innovation in the region; the founder & Chairwoman of Stella Labs, an accelerator for women-owned businesses; founding member of Stella Angels, a female angel investment group; Investment Committee member of Next Wave Impact, a social impact venture fund; and an angel investor to over 120+ startups who have diverse founders on the leadership team.

Dr. Mah’s own success includes producing a globally-recognized podcast, She Invests!, highlighting the investment journeys of female angel investors and venture capitalists & the inaugural Fund Manager for the San Diego Angel Conference Fund I, a new angel fund to activate regional capital from aspiring and existing angel investors.

Dr. Mah has recently served as the President & COO of Connect w/San Diego Venture Group and serving for 2 years as the Student Programs Diversity Director at the Office of Innovation and Commercialization’s The Basement, a technology accelerator for undergraduate startups at UCSD. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Dr. Mah believes in integrating family and work to create a lifestyle that serves both with a strong cup of integrity.