Subject Matter Expert & Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Silvia Mah speaks passionately about her mission to promote, nurture, and invest in transformational startups that allow women and diverse founders to excel around the world.

As a speaker, she has traveled the world delivering keynotes at Google, LatAm Conference in Chile, Who Who Venture Summit and more!

We hired Silvia to do a Keynote to Fortune 50 Executives on how to drive their innovative programming.  A true industry ace, Silvia was able to demonstrate the effective ROI of investment into funding programs and initiatives that would drive change.  A combination of a Subject Matter Expert with the background of a true Investor and Fund Manager she was able to easily relay in language the Executives needed to hear.

Maresa Friedman

CSO, Strategy Solved

Topics of Discussion Include:

Angel Investment/Venture Capitalist Topics:

  • Managing Mindsets and an Early Stage Investor
  • The Rising Tide of Women – Investing in Women
  • Steps to Developing an Accelerator Program
  • Investing in the Entrepreneur
  • Current Trends for Women Angel Investors

Choosing Your Unique Path for Passionate Entrepreneurs Topics:

  • Which of your ideas to keep, and which ones to throw away
  • How to find, select and work with the right people to help grow your business
  • How to combine and reformulate ideas so they optimize your unique talents
  • Which of your ideas will give you the best chance for personal satisfaction
  • Which of your ideas have the best chance for startup business success