Investment Portfolio 

CompanyFounderIndustryStageInvestment TypeFemaleBIPOCLGBTQ
Antiva BiosciencesF & FIndividual
Hera HubFelena HansonCoworkingF & FIndividual
Tot SquadJennifer SaxtonSEEDIndividual
Women Investing in Women DIgitalAnuMediaSEEDIndividual
HydrostasisDebbie ChenSEEDIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
Vizer Inc.Dylan Barbour
Sam Pentalopolous
NeuraLace MedicalSeedIndividual
Aquacycl (AKA Aquam)Orianna BretschgerSeedIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
Teango TchnologiesAlex BooneSeedIndividual
Nanome Inc.SeedIndividual
zelosDx AKA MSDxMarie WesselhoftSeedIndividual
LabFellowsJulio UnamunoSeedIndividual
Adopt A Christmas TreeAthena HaritatosSocial InnovationSeedIndividual
Bible BellesSeedIndividual
Prodigi KidsSeedIndividual
SashNichole MacDonaldCPG
SeedIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
Urban TranslationsSamantha UrbanSeedIndividual
getTagitAna BermudezSeedIndividual
Freedom BrandsSeedIndividual
Emagine TechnologiesTechSeedIndividual
RadiousMedical DeviceSeedIndividual
OtoNexus Medical TechnologiesMedical DeviceSeedIndividual
Vegan WinesSeedIndividual
Innovation CitySeedIndividual
Uncommon CacaoSeed- SPVIndividual
South DoctorsSeedIndividual
Vivid GenomicsIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
Noria Water Technologies
Cooler HeadsKate DIliganIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
Courtroom 5
Domaine SanteIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
ENVYIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
ControlistIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
VurblIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
Kegg (AKA Lady Technologies)Individual, Ad Astra Ventures
NeededIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
LiluIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
VerityIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
SkylyteIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
Reframe Health (Frame Fertility)FemTechIndividual, Ad Astra Ventures
LipsAnnie BrownSeed
Sekr"Brenne Acio
Nostalgia CoffeeCPGSeed
Backstage StudioArlan Hamilton Seed

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