Episode Summary

Have you ever heard, “build your network before you need it?” Have you also heard, “your network is your networth?” Well, building bridges and strengthening relationships across the venture table is what the Hera Venture Summit, an annual venture conference now in its 4th year is all about. On Saturday, September 16, 2017, over 200 female founders and female funders will be convening to connect, become more equipped, start funding opportunities, network, and pitch.

I decided to dedicate a special She Invests! podcast episode to the women who are pitching for funding and those women who are taking a seat at the venture table and funding startups!

This special Hera Venture Summit “She Invests!” podcast episode is all about how to build relationships and grow your network of investors and entrepreneurs that support one another. This results in better venture deals, a stronger ecosystem both locally and globally, and more diversity around the venture table.

Get your Tickets to  Hera Venture Summit, today! The agenda is packed with high-level entrepreneurs and global investors wanting to build relationships and grow our global economy.

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