Episode Summary

Julie Kantor is an all-in roll up yourselves social impact entrepreneur committed to building mentoring cultures to drive engagement and elevating women potential in the STEM workforce. Whether working in a boardroom with executives or with collaborative startups, Julie instills excitement, inspiration, commitment, and unwavering drive to help other succeed to invest in others.

Julie is the CEO of Two mentor LLC, her 5th startup. As a sought-after global speaker & connector, Julie is well networked to the national community of top business, academic, non-profit, & government leaders. She has worked and consulted with clients such as Cisco, Samsung, Tata (TCS), Intel, MasterCard, Sony, Carnival, BP and more.

In this episode, Julie shares her love for mentorship and youth empowerment.

What We Covered

  • 02:39 – Julie’s entrepreneurial journey and Two Mentor LLC
  • 05:39 – Mentor and Mentee relationship, Power of Mentorship, Mentor road trip
  • 11:09 – Julie’s advice to people on how to be an effective mentor
  • 15:00 – importance of communication and clarity in a mentor-mentee relationship
  • 16:05 – how soon is a company culture starts in a startup
  • 18:00 – mentorship as an integral part of a millennial’s career development
  • 20:36 – importance of multi-generational mentoring and knowledge transfer
  • 21:42 – sponsoring and mentoring young women in the STEM industry
  • 31:23 – what ‘coopetition’ means
  • 37:30 – Rapid Fire Final Four Questions


Links Mentioned

Two Mentorship LLC
“I Said Yes: Youth Entrepreneurship in America’s Schools”

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