Episode Summary

Managing partner and one of the founders of Golden Seeds, Loretta McCarthy, speaks about her passion for supporting female entrepreneurs and women’s role in business. She emphasizes the importance of gender-diversity in the workplace and the benefits it will yield, especially for women-led companies.

Golden Seeds strives to provide support and encouragement for female-led startups and angel investing groups. According to McCarthy, optimism and realism are the two main factors that help startup companies have the confidence and judgement to succeed in the business world.

What We Covered

  • 01:50 – Loretta’s business experience prior to Golden Seeds
  • 03:22 – History and foundation of Golden Seeds
  • 04:41 – Creating an environment for the female entrepreneur
  • 07:52 – Best success of Golden Seeds in supporting the female entrepreneur
  • 08:57 – Investment in gender-diverse companies
  • 10:33 – Research on the advantages of gender-diversity
  • 11:28 – First Round Capital research on women-led companies and return for investors
  • 15:56 – Getting more and more women involved as investors
  • 18:02 – Golden Seeds on figuring out where to open doors for female-led companies
  • 19:48 – What does it take to be an angel investor and debunking myths
  • 22:30 – Golden Seeds training to motivate women
  • 24:03 – Technology’s impact on growing angel network and helping people participate from afar
  • 26:40 – The importance of leadership in angel organizations
  • 28:19 – Synergy between the entrepreneur and the angel investor
  • 30:47 – Criteria for first pitch to Golden Seeds
  • 33:10 – Every startup team needs a ratio of optimism and realism
  • 37:20 – New member orientation at Golden Seeds to learn more about angel investing
  • 40:37 – Global push to recognize the importance of women entrepreneurs
  • 41:25 – Loretta’s favorite angel investing resource is her colleagues
  • 42:30 – Major influence in Loretta’s life is her mother


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