Episode Summary

Oregon-based entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Julie Harrelson, is the CEO of Harrelson Group and the fund manager of Cascade Angels Fund, in which she co-founded in 2013. Throughout her entrepreneurial career, she has had multiple executive roles in design, technology, and angel investing. She has received many accolades for her hard work and success, including the 2017 Bend Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year Award and the Oregon 2014 Women of Influence Orchid Award.

She is an active member of the Angel Capital Association, the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator and Metropolitan Family Service, and the Portland State University’s Center for Women’s Leadership Honorary Council. In this episode, Julie explores the topic of philanthropy in entrepreneurship and using collaboration to create a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What We Covered

  • 09:23 – Entrepreneurship in the Oregon
  • 12:04 – How Julie created a fund in Bend, Oregon
  • 14:09 – Fund managers are over 90% men
  • 16:10 – The beginnings of Cascade Angel Fund
  • 18:03 – Julie’s biggest asset from collaboration
  • 22:05 – Persistent effort over time leads to valuable progress
  • 23:41 – The “three-legged stool” for investing in Bend, Oregon
  • 25:00 –  Why angel investors are attracted to Bend, Oregon
  • 26:03 – Up and coming industries in Bend, Oregon and Pacific Northwest
  • 28:47 – The importance of the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • 30:50 – How can angel investors really make a mark on the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • 32:13 – What Julie looks for as an individual angel investor
  • 34:20 – How to manage your portfolio as an angel investor
  • 35:33 – Fund Five’s investments
  • 39:12 – Being civically engaged as ecosystem builders
  • 42:41 – Julie’s favorite angel investing resource
  • 42:55 – Julie’s favorite book
  • 43:44 – Major influences in Julie’s life
  • 44:37 – What “abundance mindset” means to Julie


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