Episode Summary

Amy Chang is the CEO of Delta Nutrassentials, a consumer health supplement company and an active Angel Investor with a corporate, financial, and entrepreneurial background. She previously worked at AMN Healthcare for 14 years and also at Mitchell Madison Group as a Strategy Manager. Amy is also involved in various angel groups and despite her demanding schedule still finds time to give back to her community. She’s involved in homeless ministries at The Rock Church in Point Loma and has also served as a foster youth mentor and a foster parent.

We talked about why she became an Angel Investor, the importance of networking, how budding entrepreneurs can get involved with Angel Investors and much, much more.

What We Covered

  • 02:24 – Her decision to leave AMN Healthcare after 14 years
  • 03:25 – Why she decided to become an Angel Investor
  • 05:44 – What convinced her to make her first investment
  • 08:48 – The skills she learned as a Strategist in the corporate world that helped her with angel investing
  • 12:42 – The types of investments Amy feels the most comfortable with and the “catalyst moment”
  • 14:57 – Angel Investors as catalysts for the next movement
  • 17:22 – Her involvement in the Angel Groups, Keiretsu Forum & Wharton Alumni Angel Network (WAAN) and the importance of networking
  • 20:36 – How entrepreneurs can best get involved with Angel Investors
  • 22:13 – Tips for entrepreneurs who want to pitch to a group of investors
  • 23:54 – The story of a founder she has recently invested in and why she invested in her
  • 27:18 – How she met the founder of Jewel Toned
  • 32:44 – The benefits of good communication between investor and founder
  • 36:26 – How she became involved with Delta Nutrassentials
  • 39:25 – Her future investment plans and the importance of supporting small businesses, founders, and entrepreneurs
  • 41:41 – Starting a relationship as a mentor to opening up capital as an investor
  • 44:02 – The mentors who have helped shaped Amy’s career
  • 47:39 – Her favorite Angel lnvesting resource
  • 48:39 – The person who had a major influence in her career
  • 49:51 – What comes to mind when she hears the word, ‘abundance’


Links Mentioned

Delta Nutrassentials
Keiretsu Forum
Wharton Angel Network
Tech Coast Angels
Hera Angels Group
Angel Investing by David S. Rose
Jewel Toned
37 Angels
Angel Capital Association
AMN Healthcare

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