Episode Summary

Andrea Guendelman is the CEO and co-founder of BeVisible Latinx, a professional career community that connects US millennial Latinas searching for careers. Andrea is an advocate of promoting Latina education and entrepreneurship through her nonprofit works. She created a community where they enabled Millennial Latinas to embrace each other and support one another’s dreams building their social capital.

In this episode, Andrea shares ways on how she leveraged on her Latina network that eventually helped her get her VC funding. They also talked about the importance of tenacity and coachability of a startup founder.

What We Covered

  • 02:11 – Andrea walks us through what is BeVisible is all about and its mission.
  • 04:00 – Andrea discusses her business background and her ventures.
  • 06:40 – She shares ways on how she expanded her network
  • 09:10 – She shares steps that she did to leverage on her network that eventually helped her get funding
  • 15:31 – Percentage demographics of Latino and Latinas in the VC ecosystem
  • 17:20 – Importance of tenacity and coachability of a startup to get funding from your network
  • 20:27 – How other people mentor you?
  • 24:47 – What is the importance of having that connection Latina to Latina in the venture community?
  • 26:19 – What’s more for Andrea
  • 32:12 – Final Four Rapid Fire Questions


Links Mentioned

Hera Fund Angels
Hera Ventures
BeVisible Latinx

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