I mean it. I sit down alongside leaders and entrepreneurs, I write checks, I am a trusted advisor when the journey seems unsurmountable for so many reasons. Having heard thousands, know you are not alone, the journey is so varied that noone has the one-size​=fits-most approach to launch or scale, and it's about trial and error as you focus on product-market fit and founder-market fit.

Innovation is what drives me, problem-solving around the world‘s most difficult problems and challenges. However, at the root of it, creativity is sparked by a curious human who wants to solve something, either something that needs to be fixed, just has to be in this world for the greater good, or something to fix an inequality. This spark is why founders invent and investors invest, the magic that makes up the innovation economy.

“Words may inspire but only action creates change”

Simon Sinek

I wholeheartedly agree that action is the necessity for inventions to change the world, to have a ripple effect for communities who would benefit from the commercialization of the innovation.

So, to inspire action, Ignite innovation by:

  1. Creating in your field of genius. If you love to tinker, then tinker and create something out of nothing. If you are a business strategist, give yourself the time and place to strategize and come up with wonderful new business models or frameworks. If you are struggling with even creativity itself, just doodle, build a sand castle, pick up a bouquet of flowers and arrange them in a vase and enjoy your masterpiece. Inspired surroundings inspire!
  2. Journaling ideas. First thing in the morning, just jot down what you have in your brain. That's it, 2 min, in the morning. Journal all of your thoughts (lofty and tiny) in this “ideas journal” so you get used to having your brain take a break from the mundane & thrive!

Impact is what sustains innovation. Impact has been a buzz word for main stream economists and investors, but during, and after, the pandemic, it became a necessity, a sustainability strategy that allowed for companies to stay open, to be able to get through the pandemic and thrive afterwards. If impact is baked into the DNA of a start up or an existing business, customers become raving fanatics of the solution they are buying, strategic partners are more engaged, and return on impact is synonymous with return on investment.

Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ignite Impact by:

  1. Show up. Helping a colleague out is a tangible impact moment for someone who needs advise or support. Get on a zoom call and listen, truly listen, to what they are working on and impact them by a new way of thinking, expanding on an idea using “yes, and”), connecting them with the RIGHT people, or intro-ing them to a next level connection.
  2. Talk about impact. Communicating the impact individual people are making or an organization is doing for the greater good is imperative for changing the narrative from only return on investment to also a return on impact. Devise a way to communicate your own impact stories about your personal brand and your startup, this will help you devise and communicate your impact metrics more efficiently. Ask your team and advisors about your impact metrics to fully understand opportunities and identify gaps to do even more good. Bake impact metrics into your business metrics, your customers and investors will thank you.

Investing makes for thriving economies from capital markets to angel investing to VCs to cryptocurrency. Investing hard cash into the startup economy allows for founders to turn an idea into reality and scale to communities that need a solution. Investing is also about investing in humans and the human potential of creativity. That is why innovation is intertwined with impact and investing. Investing can also be non-monetary, like mentoring someone who needs your expertise or your advice, advising businesses how to launch and scale, and helping founders become leaders. Investing also inwardly, towards your own leadership qualities is essential to show up as your best self, so double down on your strengths, be aware of your weaknesses, and be open to change for the greater good.

Ignite investing by:

  1. Putting money down. Period. Send a wire, write a check, take out your pocket book to invest in a startup, company or small business.
  2. Open up your network. Your network is your networth, we have heard that so many times, but investing in others by spending time with them, understanding their needs, and assisting in targeted introductions or connections through your network, that's significant. You have grown your network based on TRUST, so exercise that currency to invest in values-aligned entrepreneurs and investors who could really impact the world through connections you make.

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