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Episode Summary

Suzanne Andrews is an angel investor, a global connector, and author of the book, “Impact with Wings”.She calls herself a ecosystem builder. Suzanne speaks and writes about women’s innovations in practices that are creating business culture where all people can pursue their dreams and thrive. Previously, as the director of the Anita Borg Institute, she supported the techwomen program, bringing the technical woman from the Middle East and North Africa to The United States for partnerships with Silicon Valley Women.From these experience, she learned the power and opportunity and her dream to women’s global network of investors and entrepreneurs. In this episode. Suzanne shares ways to be able to build your own ecosystem better and what it means for a female angel investor to pursue and bringing all of one’s resources to create the future.

What We Covered

  • 02:15 – Suzanne shares her inspiration in writing the book “ Impact with Wings.” with her co-authors
  • 03:46 – She tells why women should consider venturing into angel investing.
  • 04:51 – The journey she and her co-authors took on their Pipeline Angels Bootcamp that inspires them to write a book.
  • 06:33 – How many ladies are associated with Wingpact?
  • 08:59– How can an angel help advance the entrepreneur once they made the investment?
  • 09:52– Once the investment has been made, Are women bringing different women investor bringing different things to the table than male investors?
  • 10:05– As an angel investor, what do we bring to the entrepreneur that enables that entrepreneur to be successful?
  • 11:07– What are the Wingpact core values?Why are they important to angel investors?
  • 12:46– How does angel investing impact the communities and global economy?
  • 16:44– Has women angel investor changed the equation with regards to investment field?
  • 19:01– What can an angel investor do to build her ecosystem?
  • 21:29 –Why do you invest?
  • 22:15 – There is a missed opportunity for women to actually wheel their capital powerfully.
  • 23:07 – What does working in the tech industry like Apple and Anita Borg means to you?
  • 25:15 – How did you overcome the Imposter Syndrome?
  • 26:41 – Does writing helps you be more confident?
  • 27:28 – Investing in consumer space.
  • 27:46 – Impact with Wings book is a collaboration of stories and perspective of different women when it comes to investing.
  • 28:16 – How angel investing fits in an overall portfolio.
  • 28:57 –Suzannes talks about her co-authors participation on the book.
  • 30:29– Reach out to women to use their financial power with higher impact.
  • 31:50– How do being in a rising tide fund group help you be an investor and a good investor?
  • 33:49– Local group collaboration inspirations
  • 33:55–Sylvia shares how she and Suzanne met.
  • 36:34–What is your favorite angel investing resource?
  • 36:52– Final Four Rapid Fire Questions
  • 39:29– Sylvia’s episode recap.


Links Mentioned

Pipeline Angels bootcamp
37 Angels – New York
SheEO – Canada
Next Wave Ventures
PortfoliaWingpact – Located in Silicon Valley
Hera Fund Angels
Impact With Wings by Suzanne Andrews

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