Episode Summary

Vicki Saunders is the founder of SheEO and #RadicalGenerosity, a global initiative to radically transform how we support finance and how we celebrate female entrepreneurs. SheEO provides a platform in which generous women Activators act as advisors, early customers, suppliers, connectors and follow-on investors to set up emerging female entrepreneurs for immediate and accelerated growth.

In this episode, Vicki shares the need of a new model to support female innovators to creating a better world. She also talked about the gender and culture challenges of female investors in the ecosystem. She also gave insights on how radical generosity changes the face of venture capital.

What We Covered

  • 01:50 – Vicki walks us through how she created SheEO, and the breakthroughs along the way
  • 04:03 – Impact Investing vs. Venture Philanthropy
  • 05:17 – Due diligence process in venture capital
  • 05:47 – How to be a member of SheEO?
  • 09:16 – What is an ideal activators persona?
  • 16:20 – SheEO in New Zealand Conference
  • 22:53 – Vicki shares success stories of SheEO venture capitals
  • 24:50 – Impact of #RadicalGenerosity in the venture ecosystem
  • 29:38 – Rapid Fire Final Four Questions


Links Mentioned

Hera Fund Angels
Hera Ventures

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