Episode Summary

Xandra Laskowski is a startup consultant, angel investor, and startup advisor. She offers unique expertise from her 25 years of diverse entrepreneurial experience with large multinational tech companies as well as start-ups.

As a startup consultant,angel investor and advisor, she works directly with entrepreneurs to develop their startup roadmap and help them identify the most critical next steps for the business. She helps and educated them to understand the early stage business aspects and offers an advisory framework to build and support the startup roadmap.She helps them with their business, strategic and revenue plans, company messaging and key connections.

In this episode, Xandra shares her wonderful insights into angel investing and how her ecosystem continuously grow, continuously educated other angel investor and continuously build their membership. She also shares how grit and determination help get funding.

What We Covered

  • 02:14 – Xandra walks us through how she started in the startup ecosystem.
  • 04:11 – How do she advocate for an angel investor to be a board member in their portfolio company?
  • 05:55 – How important is a board seat role for check and balance of a company?
  • 07:37 – Define smart money.
  • 17:21 – Why does having grit and determination an advantage for startups to close funding deals?
  • 19:36 – How can an angel investor know what event or conference to go to for them to be exposed in the ecosystem?
  • 22:06 – What is your innovation ecosystem and how to you chose the industry you will venture in?
  • 24:56 – What is your investment thesis?
  • 26:12 – How long is your due diligence process before qualifying startups?
  • 27:51 – Why is it important to have a lead investor other than yourself?
  • 35:00 – Importance of active networking and connections to be able to pitch your business and get funding from investors
  • 36:00 – What’s more for Xandra
  • 37:57 – Final Four Rapid Fire Questions
  • 40:14 – Silvia’s episode recap


Links Mentioned

Hera Fund Angels
Hera Ventures
Archangels Investors Group
Orange County Angel Investors Newport Beach
Tot Squad
High There App
Angel Capital Association

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