Episode Summary

Welcome to She Invests, where you’ll hear from existing female angel investors, venture capitalists and fund managers on their investment thesis. From deal flow to exits, they will share the best practices that contribute to their success.

In this episode, Dr. Silvia Mah welcomes Barbara Bickham to the show to discuss Barbara’s work with Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator. Barbara expounds on the mindset of an investor, the importance of ecosystem building and the concept of risk mitigation.

What We Covered

  • 01:03 – Dr. Silvia Mah introduces today’s guest, Barbara Bickham who speaks to her work with Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator
  • 05:40 – Entrepreneurial strategies for pivoting and adapting in the midst of Covid-19
  • 10:24 – The process of communicating strategic pivots to investors
  • 12:40 – Barbara explains the concept of risk mitigation
  • 16:26 – The mindset of an investor
  • 20:36 – Barbara speaks to the importance of communicating with your network and limited partners (LPs)
  • 24:00 – Doubling down on relationship and ecosystem building
  • 25:30 – Barbara talks about her involvement in Innovation City and the upcoming virtual Women of Color Pitch Competition
  • 30:42 – Barbara speaks to her experience with risk assessment and gender balance
  • 33:50 – Barbara shares her ongoing fundraising projects
  • 39:07 – Barbara provides her insights on maintaining a mindset of abundance
  • 42:07 – Dr. Silvia thanks Barbara for joining the show


Links Mentioned

Dr. Silvia Mah’s LinkedIn
Dr. Silvia Mah’s Website
Dr. Silvia’s Twitter – @silviamah
Barbara’s LinkedIn
Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator Website

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Uqora – Promo Code: SHEINVESTS

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