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Welcome to She Invests, where you’ll hear from existing female angel investors, venture capitalists and fund managers on their investment thesis. From deal flow to exits, they will share the best practices that contribute to their success.

In this episode, Dr. Silvia Mah welcomes to the podcast experienced retirement plan consultant and entrepreneur, Rebecca Hourihan. Rebecca is the founder and CMO of 401(k) Marketing, a firm that helps retirement plan advisors market their expertise and build long-lasting brand awareness. The company was founded on the idea that retirement plan advisors are specialists and should promote their unique skill set. With over 15 years of retirement plan experience, Rebecca is skilled at developing clear paths that are simple for plan sponsors, advisors and participants to understand. She is committed to company growth, advisor development and collaborative improvement. Dr. Silvia and Rebecca discuss lessons Rebecca has learned from her involvement in the San Diego Angel Conference, tips for being a better public speaker and how she has transitioned into a leader in the financial planning and services industry.

What We Covered

  • 04:19 – Dr. Silvia Mah introduces today’s guest, Rebecca Hourihan who speaks to her involvement in the San Diego Angel Conference, her background as a financial advisor and her entrepreneurial journey
  • 15:45 – The community of SDAC and what Rebecca noticed about some of the founders from this past year
  • 20:39 – Rebecca talks about how she prepares for presentations
  • 22:27 – How Rebecca has grown throughout her journey as an angel investor and the importance of diversifying her investments
  • 27:12 – Rebecca’s shares other projects she’s a part of
  • 28:45 – Rebecca expounds on her investment thesis and her ‘why’
  • 30:21 – Dr. Silvia shares her own specific investment thesis
  • 34:04 – Rebecca talks about some trends she’s seen in the FinTech industry
  • 35:53 – Rebecca discusses her financial savvy and provides best practices for living a frugal lifestyle
  • 44:40 – Final words of wisdom from Rebecca
  • 46:20 – What abundance mindset means to Rebecca


Links Mentioned

Dr. Silvia Mah’s LinkedIn
Dr. Silvia Mah’s Website
Dr. Silvia’s Twitter – @silviamah
Domaine Santé Website
San Diego Angel Conference
Rebecca’s LinkedIn
Rebecca’s YouTube Channel
Rebecca’s Twitter
Rebecca’s Podcast
401(k) Marketing Website

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