Episode Summary

In this episode, Silvia Mah introduces a new COVID-19 themed series on the She Invests podcast.

Female investors are stronger together when uncertain times emerge. This is what we have seen during our global pandemic over and over again, female investor colleagues, reactivating, realigning with the most critical mission at hand and reinvesting in this business of investing and supporting transformational innovations that will make our world a better place.

In this new series you'll be inspired through conversations with amazing women who have invested during a pandemic. You will be encouraged by their actions, the checks they write, their passions, the founders they invest in, their thoughts, their strengths, and their advocacy for what is right and just, which is supporting founders that are making this world a better place through innovation and entrepreneurship.

This is a time to help founders. This is the time to really activate our capital to impact the economy.

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